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 Habitable worlds
 Posted: Oct 18 2017, 04:40 PM
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The nearest habitable world to our Solar System, located in same quadrant some 8 light years distant this world was one of the first found during out early explorations. Colonized in 2180 it grew to become one of our most important outposts. Located in the System of a blue giant, Sateudelle is in fact a moon of that star, its size almost equal to that of Earth.


The second world colonized by humans from Earth. This planet is located Delta quadrant some 11 light years distant from our Solar System. The planet is sixth in orbit of the WM-2 class Sun of that system. Some 15% larger than Earth, but very similar in geography, its specific gravity is 1.02 that of our own. It is now the largest populated world outside of Earth with many of our recent galactic allies having settled there.


This is the most densely populated world in the Colonial System. Already one of several worlds occupied or had been occupied by the Erudin. It is located in Beta Quadrant of the galaxy near to the outer Cygnus region and was designated as a colonial refuge not long after humanity met with their race and the plight of human kind’s massive populations was revealed to them. Vega was originally an ice planet, it was terra formed by the Eurdin some 5,000 years ago and now boasts some of the most beautiful land forms, flora and fauna to be found anywhere in the galaxy. There are six continents and thousands of islands big and small with some of the largest cities known to exist.

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