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 Secondary Armory-Level 8, IC posting
Major Cate MacGregor
 Posted: Oct 30 2017, 04:17 PM
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Boots clattered down the steel stairs, many boots. Cate had turned out almost one third of her Marines on this particular event. Some of the mutinous passengers (with a few rebellious crew mixed in with them) had once again tried to assault armory number two, just below and forward of the Security station above.

The first notice Major MacGregor had of this, wasn't a radio call from Sergeant Harris, no he was already dead. It was the alarm that went off when the rebels tried to breach the laser guarded complex. Red lines crisscrossed the open entry to the armory, somehow someone may have convinced Harris to open the main door to his peril. Moments before Cate led her team down, she saw on the CCTV feed the armory sergeant get shot straight through the head as the heavy door slid open. He managed to stay alive just long enough to hit the security button and set the lasers, poor sod.

Still, that one factor didn't stop the mutineers from trying to get passed that red lined death zone. There were gaps in it off course, When the Marine element made it downstairs just forward of the armory, the scene of carnage was sickening. Laying sprawled across the armory entry were at least three or four bloodied bodies, it was hard to tell as the lasers had more or less diced them up quite well.

Even as Cate's boot stepped on deck eight, a barrage of weapons fire came her way. She ducked, rolled, putting her out of harms way but two of her marines weren't so lucky behind her. Return fire from Cate and those coming down made the rebels put their heads down for a moment; but not long. Soon a fire fight was well under way. The trouble was, it was quite possible some of this weapons fire could damage the integrity of the ship. It had to be stopped. Cate called up the bridge. "Captain, MacGregor here. As you can hear behind me we're in a rather shitty situation here. Some of the mutineers have secured themselves in between me and the armory two. I need an ace from up your voluminous sleeve sir, something to come right in behind their arse would do the trick. I can't spare any more marines for this at the moment." Her words were urgent, but not panicked. Cate never panicked.
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